What if You Could Do Something Good, We want you in the “Soup”

How would you like to help build a neighborhood garden or playground? What if you could help fix a community eye sore, fund a starter business, clean a park, help create art, form new friendships, get jobs, create new opportunities? Then “Asheville Soup” wants you.

A “Soup” is an exercise in democratic micro-financing and we want you to participate. Our first organizational meeting will be March 27, 2013, 6: pm at Studio B in Asheville. Please RSVP to chris@ashevillesoup.com

Sponsored by the Asheville Business Achievers Association and Lone Bird Studio LLC. you can learn more about “Asheville Soup” at www.ashevillesoup.com or facebook.com/AshevilleSoup.

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Legitimate question, How is the money raised divided?

This is a response to a comment question about how we will handle the money, very legitimate question. I turned my answer into a post to share with everyone. I hope this explains a little better what we want to achieve.

HI Laura

That is a very good question and I’m sure you are not the only one to question that. The answer is simple. We are all volunteers and will depend on volunteers and donations. In reality the idea can only work if the community steps up to help itself.

The bottom line though is that all time is volunteered and there are no administration costs. If we can get the response that Detroit does the soup and bread will be donated.  If not the cost comes out of that nights funds.

The sponsoring body is the Asheville Business Achievers Association (ABAA).

ABAA is the oldest business / leads group in the Asheville area. Many of our members have been with the group 15 years or more. Grass roots, community, and helping business are what we are all about. Current president is Joe Jakubielski: joe@hometownvalueguide.com.

Me, my name is Chris Kaminski, I am an ABAA member and the current head of the “Soup” committee and chief volunteer. I can be reached at chris@ashevillesoup.com

The money, to explain that it is just easier for me to copy the answer for the “Soup” guide put out by the Detroit “Soup”. Yes there are others, this is not a new idea and there are guides to help get started. We didn’t make it up but we did think it was one hell of an idea and one of the few where everybody wins, it just takes a little social conscience.

The money is raised by donating for the dinner, soup and a salad. Presentations are made during the dinner. At the end all paid diners vote on which project gets the money raised that night. Micro-funding through democracy.

From the manual:

Tax Structure

Becoming a non-profit is ALOT of work and unnecessary to begin the project. Because the money is so little from each person we haven’t found a reason to become our own 501(c) 3 nonprofit. The dinner acts as a mediary between the diners and the winner. We provide the money for people to offer their cash to a creative or social project in the city.

From the manual:

The soup and salad we have tried to have all local Michigan or Detroit grown ingredients. It really continues to connect to the community and local growers. It can be such a magical experience. We have also had groups of people work together to make the soup beforehand to have a communal experience together.

Finding soup and salad makers can be fun. We have asked friends, local growers, people with garden in their backyards, local businesses, SOUP participants, and restaurant startups to either donate or be reimbursed for their contribution. For 150 people at the dinner we offer a $50-75 stipend to cover the cost of the soup, $20-25 for the salad.

From the manual:

Bread: We have partnered with a local bakery that if we show up the day before or the day of SOUP to pick up any day olds. They give us a lot of bread and we always like to acknowledge their generosity by letting people know that they have given us the bread.

The idea is to bring the community together to help themselves $5-10 dollars at a time.

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You are invited to our first Asheville Soup organizational meeting.

March 27, 6: pm at Studio B

171 Weaverville Rd Asheville, NC 28804
(828) 225-5200 in North Asheville, www.galleryatstudiob.com/

At this meeting we will pitch the idea, explain the benefits and find volunteers who want to make a difference in their communities or in someone’s life.

We are a total grass roots venture and need everything. We need:

- People to help plan and organize, if you are an event planner this is for you.

- People to make or donate the soup and the bread

- People to collect and organize the community proposals

- People to work the door and the event

- PR people and bloggers

- People who care

We look forward to seeing you there

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Just What Is A “Soup” And The Good It Does

I wanted to write something special to announce our first ”Soup” meeting but instead I just copied this from Detroit’s “Soup” manual.

It pretty much points out how a “soup” works and more importantly how it has helped the community:

Welcome to a wonderful world of the micro-granting dinner!

Detroit SOUP was founded in the Mexicantown neighborhood of Detroit in February 2010 by Kate Daughdrill and Jessica Hernandez. The idea was taken from InCUBATE (“a research group dedicated to exploring new approaches to arts administration and arts funding” www.incubate-chicago.org) who started the idea in neighborhood in Chicago.
The first dinner we did didn’t have proposals given but shared a meal together and shared the idea of SOUP with the Detroit artists that were gathered. By April we had our first winner (a Rust Belt Architecture photo book) and we started getting traction, proposals, and community members to share at the dinner.
SOUP is…
a collaborative situation
a public dinner
a platform for connection
a theatrical environment
a democratic experiment in micro-funding
a relational hub bringing together various creative communities
a forum for critical but accessible discussion
an opportunity to support creative people in Detroit
Now almost three years later we have grown. We have moved to a larger location, moved to the Corktown neighborhood, and have engaged in new relationships. The project has moved from artists to a wide variety of community members that need a little money to start their projects. We have witnessed Detroiters give back to Detroiters over $19,000 to get their ideas to the next level. Five of these groups are forming their own non-profits, and one has began a Michigan LC3 business. Parks have been cleaned, art has been created, collaborations have formed, and justice has been moved one step farther. I love watching people interact, form new friendships, get jobs, create new opportunities, and watch the city of Detroit slowly change.

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We Have a Location For Our First “Soup”

Thank you to Pattie at Studio B ( http://www.galleryatstudiob.com/ ) for volunteering her space for our first “Asheville Soup”. Details to follow shortly.

If you like the idea please take a moment and like our page, www.facebook/ashevillesoup

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Our First Asheville Soup

Our first “Soup” is going to be an organizational one. We need a place, we need the meal and we need volunteers.

Once we have a place we can set a firm date and invite everyone interested in participating and our presentation for that night will be this idea. We will discuss what we need, where it is needed and how to move forward.

This is a good and practical way to give back to the community, a good way to get things done and meet your neighbors.  The Skills we need range from event planning through cleaning up afterward.

I encourage you to contact one of us and join AshevilleSoup.com

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You’re in the soup.

Remember when that was a bad thing? Well not any more, welcome to Asheville Soup.

 What is a Soup you ask? A ‘soup’ is a grass roots relationship building, community bonding, neighborhood strengthening micro-financing that comes with a meal.


People in the community come together for a soup dinner.  They break bread,listen to projects proposed by neighbors, then vote on which project to fund with the money raised from the meal.


Unfortunately I cannot take the credit for this idea. Some of you may have seen a similar project on the news. There are about 495 “Soups” in operation across the country. The best known is Detroit Soup, who by the way is helping with this.


Detroit soup is in its third year, has received national recognition, and now has just received a large grant from the Knight Foundation to expand into more Detroit neighborhoods.


For more information, join the Asheville Soup committee, or find out about sponsorship contact Chris Kaminski at chris@ashevillesoup.com, Joe Jakubielski:  joe@hometownvalueguide.com,  Dwayne Long: dwayne@cmgpromos.com, Arlene Sullivan: arlene@signarama-asheville.com


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Wanna get in the Soup?

Organizational Help

This is a great idea with no good reason not to do it. Besides the benefits to the community there is great benefit to those who make it happen.

A  SOUP is…
A collaborative situation
A public dinner
A platform for connection
A theatrical environment
A democratic experiment in micro-funding
A relational hub bringing together various creative communities
A forum for critical but accessible discussion
An opportunity to support people in Asheville.

We are looking for volunteers and sponsors and are hoping to hold our first organizational ‘Soup’ the first week of March 2013.

For more information, join the Asheville Soup committee, or find out about sponsorship contact Chris Kaminski at chris@ashevillesoup.com, Joe Jakubielski:  joe@hometownvalueguide.com,  Dwayne Long: dwayne@cmgpromos.com, Arlene Sullivan: arlene@signarama-asheville.com

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